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Zillion is an AI-supported web app that helps founders pitch better.

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There are four steps you need to take to get the most out of your Zillion Pitch sessions.

Record & Upload
Your Pitch

Zillion Pitches tracks the progress of your pitch practice sessions.

Let AI Tests
Your Pitch

Practice with the AI recommendations.

Improve Your Pitch through AI Suggestions

Improve the word choice and content of your pitch deck.

Get Ready for the Investors

Receive immediate feedback and see areas for improvement.

Listen us from Tim Draper 🙌🏻

Use Zillion’s
AI-supported pitch and practice tool

Zillion is an AI-based practice app for founders to pitch better. We help them do this by having more practice with their pitches, providing feedback on their pitch before they go on stage at Demo Day or in front of investors.

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Save your video

Share your pitch deck record with Zillion.


Analyze with AI

Let the powerful Zillion AI analyze your pitch deck.


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Download your detailed report with more than 10+ criteria

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AI-supported Pitch Practice Platform

You can explore the features that we provide with fun and have their own functions each feature.

How many filler words do you use and how frequently?
Do you mention fundamental components in your pitch deck?
Is the voice clear and comprehensible?
Going too fast or too slow?
How is the overall energy level?

What founders say about us

Zillion is a startup with the mission to make you better at pitching. We help founders get feedback on their pitch before they go on stage or meet investors.

About Us

“Wow...Zillion took a team of scientists with a crazy idea and made us an award winning start-up!"

Marios Neophytou
Iain McCulloch Research Group

I managed to refine my idea to be commercially viable, and involve other people in a startup. No way I could achieve to showcase decently my product in international competitions without Zillion!

Corrado Calì
Assistant Professor @University of Torino

“Clear and unfiltered feedback is extremely important for making good business decisions, and Zillion Pitches delivers this.”

Ryan Lefers
Co-founder @Red Sea Farms

Insights Zillion provided on pitching, investors and startup processes has enlightened us and we significantly benefited from them during our meetings with investors.

Gujan Sen


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1 pitch AI feedback
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Develop your pitches with repeated feedbacks.

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Detailed report
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Scale your pitches with the power of real expert feedbacks!

10 Credits
10 pitch AI feedback
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Expert voice feedback
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