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Zillion is an AI-supported app that helps founders pitch better. We help you improve your delivery, get feedback on your pitch and track the effectiveness of your practice sessions so you can optimize before going onstage at a Demo Day or meeting with investors.

Accelerators and VCs

Free Pitching Course

Zillion Team has a free pitching course on Udemy for 5 months. You can learn how to pitch 10x better and improve your pitching skills. 850+ entrepreneurs from 59 different countries improved their pitch decks with the followings.

- Investor Pitching
- The 8 Critical Elements in a Startup Pitch
- Bulletproof pitch deck formula
- How to grab attention in 30 seconds
- How to hook the attention of your audience
- DOs and DON'Ts of each slide

About Zillion

Our team has been working with the startup teams and entrepreneurs more than 10 years. Currently we are working with a lot of excited teams globally.

Our goal is to help founders get funded ASAP! Our team members have worked with big organizations like UNDP, SDP Impact Accelerator, Fit Startup Factory, Stanford Center for Professional Development and Berkeley College of Engineering.

Our team has also work with specific accelerators like 500 Startups and Draper University.

Zillion Pitches will put me out of business.
Tim Draper - Investor of Tesla, SpaceX, Hotmail and others

Startups pitched and raised with Zillion

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Pitch 10 times better, raise venture capital for your startup. More than 200 pages workbook, learn investor pitching.Send a message to everyone.

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