Cookie Policy

As YellowXOU, owners of the Brand Zillion Pitches ("We”, “Zillion"), We are deeply concernedabout the privacy of those who visit our website (“Visitor”) domain names“Website”) regardless of point ofaccess and country of residency.

1.   Aim and Scope of This Cookie Policy

This Cookie Policy (“Policy”)is for the website of Zillion with domain names and Cookies stated in this Policy are being used for activities enhancingyour Website experience during the visit, to offer specific services and toensure the security of Visitor and Website. Cookies stated in this Policy areused properly with their purpose and in compliant with the governing law.

As the Zillion, We may deactivate, erase or modify thecookies used in our Website; or We may add new cookies to the Website.Therefore, We reserve the right to amend the information set out in thisPolicy. Changes in up-to-date Policy, will be effective as of a publication ona channel which is openly accessible by you. You may access the last updatedate on the top of the page.

You are considered to have confirmed the usage ofcookies, by accessing Website and sub-pages mentioned above. In case of adenial of cookie usage, you should either avoid using Website or change yourweb browser’s settings as instructed in this Policy. Yet, We must inform youthat such erasing activities or denial of cookie usage, may affect your Websiteexperience negatively and may result in with shortage of access to the servicesWe provide in Website.

By this Policy, We aim to inform Visitors regarding theirpersonal data collected by the cookies. Informative tables are stated below to summarizethe information about cookies, which have used in accordance with this Policy,and their purposes.

2.    Identity and Contact Details of the Controller

YellowX OU, aregistered Estonia based company, having its address at Tammsaare BusinessCenter A. H. Tammsaare tee 47 Tallinn, 11316 Harju maakond Estonia is adata controller (“Controller”) thatdetermines the means of and purposes for any and all data processing thatoccurs through different circumstances which will be covered with this Policy.

3.    Contact Details of the Controller

Contact detailsof Zillion are as follows:

·       Name of the company is, YellowX OU

·       The Postal address of the company, TammsaareBusiness Center A. H. Tammsaare tee 47 Tallinn, 11316 Harju maakond Estonia

·       E-mail address of company,

4.    Principles of Processing

Yourpersonal data listed under this Policy shall be processed,

·       lawfully, fairly and in atransparent manner in relation to the Data Subject (“Lawfulness”, “Fairness”and “Transparency”)

·       accurately and wherenecessary, kept up to date (“Accuracy”)

·       for specific, explicitand legitimate purposes (“Purpose Limitation”),

·       relevant, limited andproportionate to the purposes for which they are processed (“Data Minimization”),and

·       in a manner that ensuresappropriate security of the Personal Data and kept in a form which allowsidentification of data subjects for no longer than is necessary for theprocessing reasons.

5.    Personal Data Collected by Us

The Personal Datathat We collect depends on the context of your interaction with us and theWebsite, and features you use through Website. As a Visitor, you can browse ourWebsite to find out more about our Website. During your visit, The PersonalData listed hereunder may be collected through automatic means. For furtherinformation you may read our Privacy Policy.

The Categoriesand Types of Personal Data that We collect:

·       Technical Information: Internet Protocol (IP) address, login data, device and browser type,time zone settings and version, operating system, and platform

·       Usage Information: The pages that you have visited on the Website and time spent, thefrequency of your access of the Website, the links that you access, language preferences.

6.    Cookies

a.       What is a Cookie?

Cookies are, small text filescontaining information about your Website visit, which are stored by beingrecorded in your accessing device and sent by web servers to your web browser.

b.      What is the Purpose of Cookie Usage?

Along with providing convenient services, products andoffers to our Visitors, in accordance with the statements above, We use cookiesin order to;

·       provide technical data required, in order tohave our Website being used,

·       gather information regarding your surfinghabits and the way of usage of the Website,

·       be able to collect your personal data (e.g.,your IP Address) in order to fulfill our obligations deriving from performanceof a contract and/or by law, notably the Regulation of Publications on theInternet and Combating Crimes Committed by Means of Such Publication Law No.5651 and The Regulation on the Rules and Procedures of Regulation ofPublications on the Internet.

c.       Cookie Types and Functions

In below, you may find the information about cookie typesused in our Website.

·       Strictly Necessary: Thesecookies are necessary for the proper functioning of Website, especially toremember the actions in previous pages on the same session. Information stored bythese cookies cannot personally identify you as a disclosure of your identity.

·       Performance: Thesecookies help us to find out the Visitors’ interaction with Website, byreporting us information about frequently visited tabs, total time spent anderror messages, which Visitors encounter. Information stored by these cookiescannot identify you personally, as a disclosure of your identity.

·       Functionality:These cookies remember the Visitors’ accessing country to Website and thepreferred language selection. Information collected by these cookies, help usto provide services in accordance with the user preferences. These cookiescollect user actions anonymously and such information is used solely forreporting purposes relevant to Website improvements.

·       Targeting/Advertising:These cookies may be used to provide personalized contents through interest ofusers, along with the restriction of contents, which have already beenprovided. Information stored by these cookies may contain personallyidentifiable information, which can be accessed by tracking of Visitor’s IPAddress.

d.     What are the 1stParty Cookies?

As of the last update date, 1st  Party Cookies are not used on ourWebsite.

e.      Whatare the 3rd Party Cookies?

3rd party cookies are those belonging towebsites other than the web domain names and . The purpose ofthese cookies is to allow some additional features offered to be integratedinto the Website.

Cookie  Name-Provider-TYpe-Period of Storage Necessary-Session Necessary-30 minutes year months 27  days


f.       Managing Cookies

At your request, you may manage 1st party cookies in our Website, by looking up yourweb browser’s settings and following the given steps, reached via the linkslisted below. Yet, We must inform you that, deactivated cookies may affect yourWebsite experience negatively and may result in with shortage of access to theservices We provide in Website.

•         Google Chrome

•         Mozilla Firefox

•         Safari

•         Internet Explorer

•         Opera

7.    Data Transfer

Alltypes of personal data included in this Policy are transferred to Websiteserver, infrastructure, and cookie services providers, such as Google. Thisdata transfer arises from all personal data types that are in need to be hostedin a server and servers located in relevant provider and thus does not requirean active data transfer but occurring in the nature of hosting services. Apartfrom this, We may reveal your personal data to any law enforcement agency, court,regulator, government authority or other organization if We are required to doso to meet a legal or regulatory obligation, or otherwise to protect our rightsor the rights of anyone else.

Except from the above-mentioned cases, yourPersonal Data may only be transferred when your explicit and informed consentis acquired to do so.

8.       YourRights

Regarding our processing of your personal data,you have the following data protection rights:

·       Right to be informed

·       Right of access

·       Right of rectification

·       Right to restrictprocessing

·       Right to erasure

·       Right to data portability

·       Right to object

·       Rights in relation toautomated decision making.

Youmay send us your request on using your above-mentioned rights, together withdocuments providing your identity and the scope of your request throughbelow-mentioned manners:

·       Sending an electronicallysigned or unsigned e-mail to

·       Delivering by hand, bynotary or by certified mail to Tammsaare BusinessCenter A. H. Tammsaare tee 47 Tallinn, 11316 Harju Maakond Estonia

We undertake to respond your request as soon as possible but not more than 30(thirty) days, and without any charge, as long as there is no transaction cost.